Freedom to drink. Pay as you like.

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I love the idea how we could just sit in the circle with other people, watch the process of coffee dripping and yes, enjoy freshly dripped coffee..

Remember how long is the longest you don't have coffee many days in a row. Me, not that long. Always fall for a cup or two in a day, especially, if the atmosphere kind compliment it or they compliment each other.

At Jingjai Market, Chiang Mai, for some reason, they have tons of coffee stalls / truck and for some reasons, I wanted to try them all. The cooling temperature, sunshine, live music in a garden.. If it's not a pint of cold beer then hey, I think a cup of coffee or two or three would be just as great!

As mentioned, many coffee stalls offering coffee with its unique aroma. Some are organic and some aren't. Just walking around for a few hours, believe in or not, 3 cups of coffee I have consumed. Luckily, didn't really get that coffee high. It was just the right amount (?)

Though, one out of 3 I would totally love to share.

It's not just a cup of coffee. It's not just a cup of organic coffee. It's not just a cup of organic coffee that hand dripped right before being served. It's a bit more than that..

Choojai Organic Farm Coffee (กาแฟชูใจ)

A freedom to drink. Pay as you wish.

While wandering around checking out all the handicrafts, organic produce & collectables markets and all those street food stalls, I just came across this one little spot where people just sit in a circle around this simply set-up coffee dripping area. First thing really, I smiled. Wait, or did I think 'What the f#$%' first? Not sure. I was quite confused.

Anyways, it's just a weirdly unique set-up. Almost like a Thai style / Vietnamese style walkable stalls. 2 woven baskets with all the cups and coffee, a long wooden handle that he uses to carry those baskets, a kettle and a charcoal charcoal stove.. Seriously, as a Thai person, I found this quite random and interesting.

One thing really made me smile.. There's a small sign with hand-written 'A freedom to drink. Pay as you wish.'

I was standing there observing a bit before there's a spot became unoccupied. It's that very small / short chair that make you feel like you sit on the floor but not really. The whole circle of people sit like that enjoying the process of coffee dripping. The guy who's making it had this Thai style woven hat on and most of the time, he didn't want to have eye contact with anyone. Just coffee making and a few words.. Well, maybe a bit of smile once in a while.

'Medium or light roasted?'

'Light roasted please.'

'Then, please wait for the next round.'

My cup of light roasted Choojai Organic coffee

By saying 'please wait for the next round', it was literally the whole new round of the whole process. He started to boil water on that charcoal stove.. Put ground coffee in a dripper then.. Yes, drip.. Not too slowly but a bit by bit before he pour the coffee back and forth into different containers just to give the coffee some air.

Many different sizes and colours of ceramic cups. We could pick our own or he would. Over 10 mins had passed and here come, my beautiful cup of coffee. My cup of light roasted Choojai Organic coffee.

As I asked for light roasted coffee, I got this perfect acidic coffee taste just the way I like it. I love the aroma, the warm temperature of it in this cooling Chiang Mai in November. The wait and the process of freshly dripped coffee making made it even more special.

They only serve coffee..

As it's surrounded by all the street food stalls, there are a few stalls we could grab some sweet to pair with this perfect (?) cup of coffee. That homemade bakery was just right next to it and the deep-fried rice dough ball with mung bean is a bit of a walk away.

Totally a unique concept with a really cool set-up. Choojai Coffee has its own organic coffee farm and does all the coffee processing in its small family-owned business. The coffee was good and the vibe was great.

Now you know why it's not just a cup of coffee. Why it's not just a cup of organic coffee. Why it's not just a cup of organic coffee that hand dripped right before being served.

Choojai Organic Farm Coffee (กาแฟชูใจ) is a lot more than that..

Official Site :

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Coffee on the brew, any time is a festive occasion to be outdoors enjoying the brew. Grown and produced locally makes it taste even better!

Lovely outing reflecting the local culture in sharing and where to go to find enjoyment @waybeyondpadthai thanks for this experience with you.

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Thanks for share your memories

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