Cambridge Crops - Invisible edible film that keep foods fresh for longer time

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Cambridge Crops

Invisible edible film that keep foods fresh for longer time



Hunter's comment

Foods have their shelf live and time of freshness, we hope to keep them longer but when their time is outlived we simply thrash them into the waste bin and for farmer producers if farm produce are not delivered to sale points at right time it becomes a huge waste but here is film which is a protective layer to fruit, veggies, meats, and seafood to slow down the rate at which they spoil and keep there natural freshness for a longer time.

The film simply operate by creating a barrier that slow down the growth of microbes which cause food to spoil and this drastically reduce food wastage.

The film is not made from chemical but natural ingredients salt, water and protein from silk, it edible, tasteless and odorless.


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Greetings @eprolific,

What an easy way to keep food fresher makes sense. Looking forward to seeing this product available.

Superb find!


Great Hunt

Hello, I really appreciate your effort & Here is my opinion-

I must say this is better than keeping only food into the fridge and the best thing is it is made from natural ingredients and I would love to try such films to protect and store foods for a long time.

Thank You & Happy Hunting :-)

Wow! what a great little invention! If this works then it would be incredible for all & i really like it coz it can be used to keep so much food from spoiling and to get food to more people to prevent hunger pretty inspiring. Awesome Find

This is a very clever solution although I don't know if there are any long term adverse effects of using such a thing. But it is hard to suspect anything terrible from natural proteins. there is already a great deal of health and environmental risks in traditional methods employed. So I'm very open to see more of Cambridge Crops around.

The team itself seem very experienced and it doesn't seem like somebody's pet project. Great Hunt!

I love the concept as fresh food can spoil easily and having a barrier to protect it giving it a longer shelf period is fantastic. Anything that is chemical free I am all for and would love to see this product in use.

Ingenious idea. Wrapping stuff in rice paper works in the exact same way, as is seawweek wraps. The only question I have is how expensive this is compared to plastic, which will influence whether grocers adopt it or not.

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Cambridge Crops will be a nice and useful film to preserve food items for a long time. Hope it will be as safe as mentioned with no harmful ingredients.


It is very good and useful product through this we can have more shelf life of fruits and vegetables. Great product and nice hunt.


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Great hunt. We need things like Cambridge crops which enhance the shelf live and freshness of food. Indeed it will help to reduce food wastage and will be beneficial not only for farmers but all of us. Hopefully it will be safe to use.