The Steem News @ 6 November 2019

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SteemFest is go - catch the live stream starting c 1.30am UTC.

Check the SteemFest swag, and the SteemFest peeps, and a monster success in Seoul.

And there is news and discussion about Powering Up, Hashkings, Spaminator, DBlog, NaturalProducts, and the Steem Mentor Team and TypeEarn...

1. SteemFest 4 - live from Bangkok

If you weren't able to make it to SteemFest in Thailand, you can watch the presentations live on Facebook, Twitch, Twitter, and Youtube...

The livestreams will be starting around 1.30am UTC on Thursday...

Conference Day 1...

Conference Day 2...

2. SteemFest 4 - the swag

SteemFest 4 is not short on swag - check out this collection from @preparedwombat...

3. SteemFest 4 - the people

If you want to see who is at SteemFest check out some of the many posts coming in from participants, including these from @fitinfun, @preparedwombat...

4. Monster success for Splinterlands in Seoul

Co-founder @aggroed reports back from a very successful presentation about Splinterlands at the ICON x Steem Dapp meetup event in Seoul, enroute to SteemFest.

@theycallmedan and @starkerz were at the same event speaking about 3Speak and their other projects...

There is a day to go with the Splinterlands Untamed Kickstarter campaign...

5. Steempower still powering up

@exyle paints a positive picture in the latest of his regular powerup statistics reports.

Steempower has climbed by another million over the last two weeks...

6. Hashkings update

The cannabis farming game @Hashkings has posted an update on the current state of play...

7. Spaminator updates

Spam fighting project @spaminator has given an update...

8. DBlog announces new curators and coming Airdrop

DBlog reports that it has now selected 6 new curators after its recent appeal for new people to join the curation team.

They also give more information on the upcoming airdop...

9. NaturalProducts makes changes

The @naturalproducts tribe has made some changes to its operations including altering the author/curator reward split and introducing Proof of Stake on its token...

10. Steem Mentor Team - Promoting TypeEarn

@rosatravels gives a progress report on the latest Steem Mentor Team project for TypeEarn - @pialejoana and @alokkumar121 have been recruited so far...

KEY DATA [ from CoinMarketCap & @arcange ]

(change on previous day in brackets // n/c = no change)

Steem price US$ 0.146 06 Nov '19 8.56pm UTC
SBD price US$ 0.705 06 Nov '19 8.56pm UTC
CoinMarketCap Ranking #87 (-3) 06 Nov '19 8.56pm UTC
FCAS Score 804 (n/c) / A / #20 06 Nov '19 8.56pm UTC
No. of Whales 40 (n/c) 5 Nov '19
No. of Orcas 358 (n/c) 5 Nov '19
No. of Dolphins 2188 (-2) 5 Nov '19
No. of Minnows 9256 (+2) 5 Nov '19
Alexa rank ( #11,990 (-19) 06 Nov '19 8.56pm UTC
Unique visitors ( 276,711 / day 06 Nov '19 8.56pm UTC
Page views ( 719,449 / day 06 Nov '19 8.56pm UTC

Follow @penguinpablo, @steem-data & @eforucom for more statistics.

Visit the Steem Meetups & Events Calendar for a full list of meetups coming up...

This is #223 (04 Nov '19) of this daily news service. That looks like an even better number...

[ graphics by @pennsif ]

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