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Hello Steemit

We heard from our daughter that there is a challenge request to share our daily lives. We do not have tweeter accounts but we love one day we can share this with our grandchildren when they read our blog here.


Philip's morning routines

This is our daughter's balcony. It has become Philip's morning routine since the doctor told him that he needs to get his pelvic muscle area stronger.

Philip used to have problem even walking 50m when we first moved in to our daughter's place. It has been almost a year this balcony is his companion for supported squats, and we are just so happy that walking almost 200m is no longer a dream for him.


After the exercise routine, our next "workout" of the day is tending to the tiny garden our daughter has. We have been trying to learn how to re-cultivate spring onions for our own needs when necessary, although there were days we were successful, but there are other days when the onion flies start attacking, they all die off. If we could cultivate a full grown bulb that would be our utmost success.

We welcome ideas. We are in South East Asia region.


Despite failures on edible plants, we have our pride and joy. This orchid came to our hands from our daughter when her friend wasn't able to take care of it anymore.

It almost died a few times due to hot weather; but finally 1 week before Chinese New Year, there were bulbs starting to form.

We were jokingly wondering is this orchid rushing for the celebration out of thanksgiving to us?


Just at the eve of Chinese New Year Eve on Thursday, we suddenly spotted the first bloom of the orchid.


By first day of Chinese New Year, it was the second one was already blooming. You can see one of them likes the sun rise a lot.


Today is the second day of Chinese New Year; the 3rd bloom was out. The blooms brought us joy to our sight. Our daughter's friend said the flowers are bringing good fortune to us.

We thank God for the beauty.


When gardening is not our usual routine, the hospitals become our second regular stops. Because we are both above 70, this is becoming more regular than we hoped it was lesser.

And now we regularly need our daily afternoon naps just to recharge our bodies; while our daughter is busy at work.


But hospitals and much needed rests for our easily tired bodies do not dampen our hearts because one a week we still get to sing songs, clap hands and greet strangers at the church with our favourite decorations - live orchids. Whenever there are new blooms and the church workers brought them in from the nursery, we are happy to take pictures with them.

We miss our big lawn with our plants, but we make do with gladness with what is in our hands.

This is now temporarily our normal lives.

Best wishes.

Philip and Rene

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1% we give to @gtpjfoodbank. We want to give back to all the help they have given us through many of our hardship months

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Can I share for them on their behalf?

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Yes, we do not have twitter account.