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Greetings, people of the Nature!

Here I present to you some fruit madness ~ just for inspiration and maybe some fun or whatever you feel about them... ENJOY!

Somewhere in Athens, Greece several years ago...

Greece again. On the table...

In the hometown with a girlfriend on a tree ;)

These are wild. Have them in my backyard too...

Just a giant deliciousness...

Proof of GMO... maybe...447.3 gr

My figs again on my grannie's tablecloth, made from recycled plastic bags, like a mandala.

BATMAN LEMONS! :)) haha... Then they've told me, that is the name of a city in Turkey.

My first time, when I sliced a mango - unripe! :]

Dates with fresh almonds! Best candies!

Banana with tahini & cinnamon :)))) Munchies.

Melon with tahini, raw muscovado sugar and some cinnamon...

Mejools and godjies!

At the farm: Idanha-Nova, Portugal

By this time I could eat 2-3 kilos of those for breakfast ot 2nd breakfast :)


Have more of them in your life! ;)

Thanks for visiting


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What a lovely selection of fruit with some scrumptious looking snacks! They were making me hungry but they were such simple snacks that I could have prepared in no time! Thanks for sharing!

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Thank you! :)