Guava is a very interesting fruit, and it plays a big role in our body

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Hello everyone...

I wish you all the best and are always good and healthy and pray and we always have to follow some rules to ensure that your body is good and for that we have to add some important foods to our diet that we have after eating. The condition and our physical structure are more beautiful and better

Friends, I came to you today with such a result and am sharing this short post with you to talk about the benefits of such a fruit and hope you all enjoy it.

We have many kinds of fruits in this beautiful world that are really beneficial to the human body and after eating them we see many changes in our human body.

One such result is: - Guava

Source Guava

It is a fruit that we usually see everywhere and it does not seem to be cultivated. It becomes a delicious fruit in our home. There are so many qualities hidden inside this cup that it may not really be known to all people. As such, it contains a large amount of vitamins that cannot really be expressed in words

If we buy it from the market then we can buy this fruit at a very low price and if we do not buy it then it plays a huge role for our human body.


First of all, these guitars control our blood pressure. And our bodies increase their immunity because this nutrient contains Vitamin C which plays a very important role in preventing our body's disease.

Inside the belly is potassium that controls our blood pressure so that our blood flow is normal.

This guava relieves us from cancer and if we eat too much guava, the disease called cancer in our body will be very difficult to get and it keeps our heart very strong and very good.


And the biggest thing is that if you drink one or two drinks regularly, your eyes will be better and your eyesight will increase and for this sight we waste a lot of money. Go to the doctor and I will tell you if you can eat one drink daily. Then you will not have to go to your doctor because they will improve your vision

Thanks to everyone for reading this little post and I hope you understand the benefits of this result, how important it really is in our lives.

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Wonderful that you have such a beneficial fruit growing in abundance there! Thanks for sharing those benefits!

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We have green guavas in season right now in Thailand too - they're called "farang" here. They are SOOO good for you!! And I like that crisp, tart and slightly astringent clean feeling they leave after eating.

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