Papaya has been Playing a good role in Natural Medicine

Hello Friends,

In terms of fruits or vegetables, some characteristics of every country on earth can be noted. Each country has some local fruits, which have many flavors and nutrients. However there are some fruits in our country, which are available anywhere and the prices are very low. Therefore, they can be tasted at any time if desired.


However, if you are considering health or nutrition, we should always take these fruits and vegetables regularly. Because they are full of natural herbs, we can be free from various diseases. These natural herbal fruits increase our body's immunity, help us to be physically healthy.


I also like papaya among the local fruits and rarely have I purchased from the papaya market. Because every month I go to the village house and bring fresh fruits and vegetables from there. And they also contain raw and ripe papaya. I like to eat papaya both raw and ripe. However, my son likes ripe papaya more.

In everyday life we face various problems, we try to solve them. But if the body and health are good, then it is possible to play an effective role in any field. Papaya is able to play a very good role in maintaining our physical fitness.


Papaya has a great role in the treatment of respiratory diseases. Regularly eating papaya reduces breathing problems. Papaya is an unpleasant drug tooth pain. Papaya prevents intestinal worms. In this case those who have diabetes eat raw papaya instead of ripe papaya. Because eating ripe papaya can increase diabetes.

It is a recognized fact that papaya has been playing a role in natural medicine since ancient times. Because of its unique role in being free from various diseases. If you have problems with digestion, you can eat papaya freely. Because papaya is quite effective in alleviating digestive problems. Ideally for those who have gastric problems.

Papaya contains a lot of vitamin E, C and folate, this problem eliminates the problem of constipation or constipation. Raw papaya and its juice help digest. The papaya fiber towel keeps the movement normal. This eliminates the problem of leaving the stool.


After all, many natural herbs are found around us, not just in Papaya, which can be used to keep us physically healthy very easily. But in this case we want to change our mentality, because the people of the previous era were more powerful than us because of the variety of fruits.

Photo-2, 3, & 4 captured by me by MI Redmi S2 smart phone.

Thanks all for understanding the natural things.

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Thanks for understand the value of the green nature for a beautiful and secure planet.

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Papayas are a fantastic fruit! Upvoted and PROMOTED!

Wow! always appreciated your nice support.

Thank you for this great post:)

you are welcome.

Not only is it useful but also delicious.

Thanks for the enlightenment.

you are most welcome brother.

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good old fruits! Its also good to know that papaya seeds are good for worm eggs and the fruit for the worms themselves.. so you should eat both the (dried) seeds and fruit to get rid of them all..


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Well, I will try and thanks for the information.

I feel like one right now. Its been awhile

he he he

It's one of my favorite fruit. I almost have it every day. 😂

That's great brother and happy to hear that.

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Papaya is a wonderful fruit! How fortunate that you have it growing locally and abundantly. Thanks for sharing all those benefits of the delicious papaya!

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Thanks a lot for visit and wonderful support.

I don't often have these in UK. But when I go back to my birth country Australia I often have them. Along with mangos ! So good. And so good for you.

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Yaa, In our country we like it most. Thanks for response.

Green papaya salad in an AWESOME detox food - the enzymes it contains are one of the few things that eat away at old plaque in the bowel. I have regular "som tum only" detox days - spicy green papaya salad and coconut water and NOTHING ELSE for 24 hours. Wow! Powerful medicine.

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