Natural Herbal Quality Fruit Jambura

I have been trying to write something regularly about natural herbal ingredients. Because there are so many wonderful ingredients around us that we can ensure our physical well-being by ensuring their use. Today, I will discuss a nutrient rich fruit, called jambura.


Jambura is one of the most nutritious fruits found in our country. Jambura works great in increasing the immune system of our body. Although it is better known in the country as Jambura, its English name is Pomelo. It is usually of two colors, the inner cells are white, and some of the inner cells are red. Apart from this, there are some differences in taste.


Whatever the color of the inner cells of the jambura, whether it is taste or sweet, it has many essential nutrients. So in our country this fruit is popular with everyone. Jambura trees are found in almost every house in the village especially. In addition to Vitamin A and Vitamin C in Jambura, experts are known to be a source of potassium. Also in jambura are folic acid, thiamine, pyridoxine, phosphorus and iron.

Since jambura is rich in many types of nutrients, it works well as an antidote to various diseases. For those who have various types of blood problems, jambura is very useful. Because the jambura acts as a blood cleanser. On the other hand, the presence of potassium in jambura reduces the risk of heart disease.


In the fast-food era today, many of us have constipation disorders, even though we seek the help of various types of medications to prevent them. Those who have constipation, regularly eat jambura, constipation with the stomach digestive problem is easily eliminated.


After all, we are more worried about our little ones. Those kids are a little more vicious. In many different ways, hands and feet are hurt, jambura can be a very useful medicine in their home. Because the juice of the jambura is very effective in any type of wound.

All photos captured by me by MI Redmi S2 smart phone.

Thanks all for reading my writing and understanding everything.

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had never heard of jambura before, interesting !!

So check with the English name of Pomelo. 😁

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Good article, I too was unfamiliar with the name jambura, although have heard of pomelo. I would challenge one comment that was made, and that is potassium reducing the risk of heart disease. I've not seen that established and would welcome seeing any reference on that. However, the role of potassium in proper heart functioning is well established, as its role in helping to maintain proper blood pressure - there is no doubt that proper levels are very important. The rest of the nutrient profile of jambura is impressive indeed. Thanks for sharing.

This is probably my fault, because I have not verified the sources well. Because I've seen information like this in many magazines. I am just giving tow of news link for your reference where i read this kind of information. But thanks a lot for showing the right information.
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source link

and another is
Source link:

@hafuzullah, I totally understand, and it's so easy to get excited about the healthful properties of these natural products. And many of these fruits, vegetables and spices have been used for their health benefits for specific organs for millennia and more.... before heart disease, kidney disease or others were even really known. It's all pretty exciting.

Pomelo is delicious, sort of like a sweet grapefruit. Yum!

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I had never heard of this fruit! 😁They have many health benefits. 😯
Too bad not to be here in Portugal! 😌

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