A Call To The @naturalproducts Team.

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Sometimes, you just have to watch where you're investment is, to check if things are going as planned, the more reason I power up some stake on my tribes, with the likes of @botefarm.sport and @botefarm.jahm.
I do take time to check there voting power and remeber often to power it up.

Checking up on them also means looking into my curation reward as it has a way of showing if the curation time is set very well for optimum curation reward.


On this many occasion I've noticed one of the tribes am in is not bringing in the return I was expecting, and that's the @naturalproducts tribes.

I remembered for once joining a curating guild, but can't remember the name again now nor know anything about it. For all I know, my voting power on the #naturalproducts platform is always @100%. In which, all things been equal, it shouldn't be so. Also, my curation reward is always <0.8, while my 100% uovote is more than 1.4 NATRL. Which I think shouldn't be so.

Am thinking some people might be in my shoe too, with no accout to curate at the right time thereby not giving a good return, by so doing leaving the account dormant that way. And am thinking of a solution which has been in place on the reggaesteem platform which is having a whitelist of authors that accout can curate, am noticing some accounts that frequent here a lot, the likes of
@naturalproducts and many more accounts, which will go a long way in be bringing more investors in.

I hope the @naturalproducts team will look into this.

By the end of this month, I intend to buy more stake and have a separate account for @naturalproducts, something like @botefarm.natrl which will curate along a particular field, account and tags.

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Thank you very much for mention me in your post :)

Hey @botefarm, we saw your post and have put a few things into play to help with what you wrote about. Thanks for the feedback and we hope our response helps.

Here's a link to it...
Hey NaturalProducts Community, You Asked and We Listened...

Waoh, thanks a lot for that.