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Thank you for visiting my blog and Continuing with the series nature, today I bring you information about:


According to scientific research, all the different types of vinegar have useful therapeutic properties to maintain human health.

The wine vinegar.

It is obtained from the fermentation of white or red wine. It is the product that is obtained from the action of the bacterium Acetobacter. These, in the presence of air, oxidize the ethanol contained in the wine and transform it into acetic acid.

Apple cider vinegar.

This is my favorite. It is obtained by fermentation of the juice instead of apple in large wooden barrels for as long as it takes for it to become cider. Once the cider is obtained, the bacteria of the genus Acetobacter are added, which will then turn it into apple cider vinegar.

There are other wines according to the country, rice wine vinegars are traditionally produced in Asian countries. Sugar cane and coconut vinegars, on the other hand, are common in the Indian countries and the Philippines. Date vinegars, on the other hand, are typical of the Middle East.




Ingesting vinegar has a stimulating action in the production of insulin which can improve the condition of patients with type 2 diabetes. It is also useful for reducing blood sugar.


The bactericidal property tends to prevent diarrhea and intestinal problems caused by bacteria. To restore gastrointestinal health, drink a couple of glasses of water and apple cider a day. This is certainly a good remedy for these types of problems.

It can also be useful for the treatment of certain disorders, such as nail fungus, warts, ear and skin infections.


The presence of polyphenol causes good cholesterol to increase and bad cholesterol to decrease.

Heart health:

Regular intake helps keep hypertension under control. This property is attributable to acetic acid and alpha-linolenic acid.


In this case, red wine vinegar contains resveratrol, a component that can fight cancer, and acetic acid is one of the main compounds that act against tumors. There are also some studies that show the benefits of rice vinegar in terms of cancer. This product can control the growth of some types of cancer. Especially that of the esophagus, the colon, the lungs, the breast and the prostate.

Sore throat:

In case of a sore throat, you can gargle with water and apple cider vinegar to get an immediate benefit.

Fluidize the blood:

Thanks to its high mineral content, potassium in particular, slows the process of hardening of the blood vessels and has a fluidizing action in the blood that gives our skin a better appearance.

Food Preservation:

Thanks to its antibacterial properties, vinegar has been used as a preservative for centuries, allowing microorganisms that attack food and cause its breakdown to be kept under control.

Against mosquitoes:

It is enough to spray the skin, preferably with that of white wine, to avoid bites from annoying insects. Even in the case of insect bites, you can rub the affected part with cotton soaked in apple cider vinegar to relieve burning and itching instantly.



Good for the skin:

Its application on the skin is recommended to improve health and luminosity. For this purpose, you can take half a glass of apple cider vinegar and mix it with 1 liter of hot water. The mixture should be gently applied to the skin, which will also become softer.

Weight control:

The acetic acid that contains the vinegar, allows to burn accumulated fat, which allows to lose weight. It can also help increase feelings of fullness and slow stomach emptying.

Against dandruff:

Thanks to its properties it is also useful to fight dandruff. In this sense, 100 grams of nettle leaves must be boiled for 15 minutes with a liter of water and half of apple cider vinegar. Once the infusion has cooled, it should be used to massage the scalp for approximately 15 minutes.


Excessive consumption of acidic foods such as vinegar can affect tooth enamel. Some studies suggest that white vinegar may be more harmful than others for tooth enamel.

I hope you like this initiative ... you can make suggestions and propose fruits and vegetables for the next delivery.


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Periodically I go through a phase when I drink apple cider vinegar mixed with some type of juice.

Thank you for sharing this information.

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