The Tamarind in our lives

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Many people think they know tamarind, because they have seen and consumed it, but really very few have any idea of the immense and extraordinary properties that tamarind possesses, so here I want to make known everything you need to know about tamarind: what are its properties, benefits and uses is given.

The tamarind has the shape of a pod, a brown color and a shell, and inside usually has six seeds, the pulp of the tamarind may be more or less acid depending on the degree of maturity it has but very appreciated for its health properties.

The tamarind is a fruit very rich, not only in flavor, but also in properties that benefit considerably the health of the body, and is an excellent source of nutrients, as it contains important minerals such as calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus and sodium, as well as vitamins of groups B, C and E.

As for some of the properties of tamarind, we find the following:
Laxative, It helps to purify the organism, eliminating toxins and wastes in a natural way, Stimulant of the appetite, It accelerates the metabolism, Anti-flatulento, It relieves and it prevents the stomach gases, Soothing and anti-inflammatory, It relieves muscular and articular pains, reducing the inflammation, Reducer of the cholesterol and regulator of the arterial pressure, Healing.

Helps to close wounds and to heal burns in the skin, when its leaves are applied, mixed with vegetable oil, on the affected zone.

The pulp of the fruit of tamarind is commonly used as a condiment in Asian and Latin American cuisine.

When the fruit is not ripe, its flavor is much more acidic, so it is used in dishes that require that bitter touch, while ripe fruits are usually sweeter and are used more in the preparation of desserts and beverages that require a sweet touch.

Tamarind has been used as a natural remedy for the treatment of multiple ailments. The pulp, leaves and rind have a therapeutic power that relieves problems such as constipation, stomach pains, fever and skin irritations.

Drinking an infusion of tamarind tree leaves helps to lower fever, soothe stomach discomfort and even to fall asleep, while if you consume your pulp, you can stimulate appetite, combat constipation and promote the elimination of toxins.

For skin wounds, irritations and burns, it is recommended to take a handful of tamarind leaves and dry them, then mix them with vegetable oil and apply them on the affected area, as a poultice.

Contraindications and side effects of tamarind

While it is true that this is a fruit very beneficial to health, there are certain contraindications and side effects that have been associated with improper consumption of it, and that we must take into account to avoid further complications.

First, tamarind consumption should be moderated in people with diabetes, as it has the ability to reduce blood glucose levels. In this way, when taken in conjunction with diabetes medications, blood sugar levels can be significantly reduced and the health of the individual can be compromised.

On the other hand, tamarind is capable of causing dental erosion, as it is a fairly acidic fruit with high levels of tartaric acid. For this reason, excessive and prolonged consumption could result in wear of the tooth enamel and the appearance of cavities.

Another side effect of tamarind is the sore throat that often arise as a result of the natural acidity of the fruit, which irritates the mucous membrane of the throat, causing pain and discomfort, and is that when consumed in abundance, tamarind produces acid reflux which, in turn, can lead to chronic sore throat.

In addition to what we already commented, tamarind has the particularity that it aggravates the hemorrhagic disorders, since it delays the coagulation of the blood, intensifying the bleeding, in such a way that those people who suffer from hemophilia or similar disorders should reduce the consumption of this fruit.

Without exaggerating in its consumption and taking the necessary precautions, tamarind is necessary in our lives and therefore we must include it in our diet and that of our family.


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