🥐Cooking Adventures! ~Wop-Sant Edition~🥐

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Let's start this by admitting something real.

Every time I step into the kitchen to make...anything...it's an adventure. I notoriously forget to buy ingredients, read directions all the way through, or even preheat the oven.

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Frankie is cautionary tale that I've taken to heart. source

Well, throughout the years I've refined the art of substitutions and rolling with the punches. It takes quite a lot for me to throw in the towel. ...And I hardly ever cry now...

Actually, my confidence has gone up quite a bit. Once you've learned how to breathe something back to life when all hope was lost, you start feeling a bit like a superhero!

So, this past week we had something pretty fun come to our house. Vegan butter. Since my plant based journey began for nutrition, I'm not a big fan of "replacements". They are typically worse for you than the actual thing you're trying to avoid. And I would encourage anyone who wants to go plant based to train your taste buds to whole foods first. Then if you're feeling froggy, eat replacers sparingly as a treat.

Well, my parents brought it to us when they visited, telling us how great it tasted. They understand where we stand on things like this, and encouraged me to read the ingredients before trying, just to make sure we were comfortable. Sure enough, the ingredients weren't nearly as bad as ones that I've read in the past. And when we tasted it....dang! It was delicious!

So now comes the fun part. I was holding vegan butter in my hands, and out the depths of my subconscious rose the idea of all the yummy treats I haven't made in 6 years. The repressed recipes still hiding away in my cookbook. Lost, but not completely forgotten. And they started to gain new life!

The first thing I wanted to try were croissants. Those buttery, flaky pastries from heaven. I definitely wanted to make some for Thanksgiving, but I definitely needed to practice first. Of course.

I also knew I had a recipe, but I wanted to try vegan options first. So, I googled and found a really good one, and I was all set to make it for Saturday morning breakfast. When the day came, I got up pretty early because I knew there would be rise times involved, and although I didn't read all 19 steps...literally, it couldn't be harder than making bread. At least not from what I remembered.

But that morning, I read all the steps, and it was a good thing I did. This particular recipe was 11 hours long. 11 hours! What in the world!?

I started doing some research. Although 11 hours was still incredibly long, all the other recipes were still pretty cumbersome and had steps I had never heard of! Butter bricks? Whacking the dough with a rolling pin??

I finally stumbled on one that was more reasonable. No whacking (I will visit this method later haha) and much less rest times for the dough, all while promising a great turn out.

Unfortunately time was ticking. My early start was not so early anymore.

I got to work cutting up the butter and mixing it into the dough and threw it into the fridge wrapped in a tea towel (not plastic wrap like the directions say). It needed to chill for one hour. I looked at the clock...one hour? I wanted to eat in 2 hours and it still needed one more hour rest and one hour to proof. So, I threw it in the freezer for 20 minutes.

That's when a serious question popped in my head. What recipe am I harboring in my cookbook for croissants? Because this is nothing like I remember.

I dug it out, and sure enough...I had never made croissants in my life....but I had definitely made crescent rolls! You know, like the kind you buy in the can from Pillsbury like Wop Biscuits. Because you have to "wop" the can to open it. Yeah, that's the recipe I had.

Of course, I shared this with the Yeti and he laughed so hard! I told him how I was changing everything to make quicker times because it was getting really out of hand. And he discovered that what I was really making was Wop-sants!

So, with knowing that the beautiful croissants I had envisioned where rapidly transforming, I realigned my expectations. I knew they were still going to be buttery, but I really hoping they would be delicious.

I pulled the dough out of the freezer after only 5 minutes, and did the next step which was rolling it out and folding it into thirds and then in half then letting it rest again in fridge. Instead they went back in the freezer for 20 minutes.


Next, I rolled it out again, skipping the second folding, and I asked the hubs to help me cut it. I really couldn't wrap my head around cutting a rectangle into triangles. Triangles are dumb.


Then I rolled them all up into pretty little croissant shapes and proofed in them in the oven on low heat. Since you can do that with bread...surely it would work now. False. The butter was melting out into puddles after only 5 minutes! So, I threw caution to the wind and decided to bake.

BUT...after only another 5 minutes the tops were browning. I looked up and I had accidentally turned it onto Preheat, and with our oven from the 1950's this means it's practically broiling them. So, I grabbed some foil and covered them, and baked them for another 10 minutes.

And finally they were done!


Look at those buttery layers! Now, it might be because we don't have super refined taste buds, but dang! They were so much better than I had ever hoped they would be! Now, I still would love to make them the "right" way, to compare the difference. And I really want to whack the dough...

Thank you so much for sharing this me! I had a lot of fun!

Much love,
Stacie D

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I approve of this plant-based posts.
Upvote 👍

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Thank you!



I like your idea of trying not to use replacers. The closest I came to a replacer was eating a mushroom burger where the 'meat' was just a large mushroom. I've had a few soy things too, but I never tried to pretend it wasn't soy. This beyond meat stuff is beyond me. I'm not actually a vegan or a vegetarian though so avoiding replacements is quite easy.

Well, you definitely don't need to think about replacers if you still eat meat and dairy haha. And yes, we like certain vegan meat options, not because they taste just like meat, but because we like the flavor, and then they are fun treats. We really love veggies, nuts and beans.

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Thank you!!!

I like croissants a lot but buy them from the bakery and put some butter on them and a little marmalade..

That sounds so yummy!

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Looks like you did an absolutely fabulous job of them too!

Well, throughout the years I've refined the art of substitutions and rolling with the punches.

That's one of the best parts of creative fun in the kitchen!

Thank you! Yes, I agree...if I always remembered to buy baking powder than I would never know that all it is baking soda and cream of tartar haha

Precisely! haha :)

I used to be a baker in a chapter of my life. I always wanted to make croissant but didn't get a chance to move to that direction. You've done well with the croissant. I would like to have a piece please lol. Cheers!

Thank you! You should definitely give it a try if you're able!

That does not surprise me at all @watersnake101 - you make some AMAZING looking food too!

Haha! That was quite an adventure you undertook for yourself that morning! :)

Glad they came out tasting good! That "butter" seems like it could possibly be a hydrogenated oil, which is very unhealthy. I don't know if that's how they are making it, but I don't know that there are other ways of making oils into solids. It would be wise to look into that I think.

Thank you for your concern! I doubled check the ingredients, because that was what I looking for the first time I read it, and nope, no hydrogenated oil. However, I would not call this "healthy" either lol, it's nice for treats, but it's wise to foods like this sparingly.

Congratulations @freedomtowrite

It take skill to replicate a recipe, remove and replace some items and still make it work.



Thank you! It makes me feel like I've been at this game a long time!

Wow I admire your passion for cooking! 😊😊

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Haha you sound like my friend who happened to call while I was almost burning these. She said she would've already quit 😂

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Never knew cooking adventures were so fun

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Thank you!

Those look delicious. Can you share the recipe? I have an OTG. Will it be possible to bake in it?

Thank you! They definitely were! So here is where I got the recipe https://bakingamoment.com/easy-homemade-croissant-recipe/ I just replaced the butter with vegan butter. You might be able to bake them in the OTG. Have you baked anything with it before?

Thanks. I have baked cakes and cookies. Came out ok although the temperature settings are always a bit tricky.

That was my only concern. I know that I've baked using something similar before and I had to watch it pretty closely. Fortunately, they don't take long, so you wouldn't have to be committed too much.

Yes, thank you.

Love it when experiments and something you thought was going to be a disaster turns out great!

haha sounds like you've been there before!

The pastry is a lot of work, I usually look for recipe that's as simple as can be to save time!

I understand that! There's definitely a balance to be had, if all the recipes I did were this complicated, I would never get anything done!

Haha... yeah, well at least you got it done with flying colour! Kudos to that.

This made me laugh all the way through! What a great story. It sounds like me throwing in the towel and calling breakfast scrambled eggs instead of an omellete (or however it's spelled). Regardless of the process, they certainly look delicious!

Haha oh my goodness...been there! I tried to make the hubs a tofu omelette (that took me three tries to spell haha) and it did not go well...it definitely turned into a scramble! And thank you! They were so good that they are in high demand now in our house!

I would definitely try these @freedomtowrite, they look great. 💕

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Thank you! Yeah, you definitely should!

Great that you succeeded with your own instincts my friend.
The other day I was trying to figure out how to bake an egg.
Marian has some muffin molds here and I was wondering how to put the egg into the mold. Do you put it in with the sharp point facing downwards or with the roundish end at the bottom. I figured that the shell of the egg would act similar to these microwave magafters.
I jacked the oven to max bake and placed the pan into the oven for 30 minutes to allow for the thing to warm up.
Let me tell you one thing here, I will never bake an egg again.
So oh yeah, we all have our adventures in the kitchen Lol.

Hahaha I've never backed an egg before. What happened? Did it explode??

Hahaha, happily not as the egg shell burst!
I had already buttered the bread waiting for my masterpiece.

That looks delicious! THanks for sharing this with us

Thank you! And thank you for coming by!

I thoroughly enjoyed your cooking adventure. I've done all those things so many times, especially thinking at the last minute to cook something without knowing whether I got all the ingredients on hand. So frustrating.

Haha I'm glad you enjoyed it! It is so frustrating...and more times than not, I don't have enough baking powder. It's become a joke here at home. Lol

Good that the end was happy and the croissant was tasty.

Yes, and really that's all that matters!

Of course!

What a fun baking adventure. It sounds like you learned a lot in the process. And those look super yummy!

Thank you! Yes, I definitely did. I remade them yesterday and followed all the steps. It took me four and a half hours! Still better than that 11 1/2 hour one though haha. They were definitely really good, and melted in our mouths more than the first.

I loved your description of your last-minute changes and substitutions. It sounds like the kind of thing I do in my kitchen. Glad the results were not only edible, but tasty. I agree, asking a mother to think ahead eleven hours before breakfast is a little much.

Haha you nailed it! Eleven hours is a little too long....10...maybe...but surely not 11 😂