EXOTIC!! Eat GUINEA PIGS (Cuy) and PURPLE CORN BEER 🇵🇪 Picantería Arequipa Peru food - DELICACY

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Guinea pigs are native to South America and they are a traditional food. It’s called cuy in Peru. It has been served whole on special occasions since Inca times. Cuy is a delicacy here.

You can try a guinea pig at A picantería. Picantería is a traditional lunchtime restaurant in Peru, predominantly in and around the cities of Arequipa and Cuzco. Typical offerings of Arequipa cuisine include chicha de Jora corn beer and soups. Picanteria refers to a place serving Picante (“spicy”).

We tried our first ever deep-fried whole guinea pig (cuy) and purple corn beer (Chicha de jora) at Victoria Picantería Arequipa Peru 🇵🇪

How does guinea pig taste like? How expensive is eating guinea pig in Peru? Where to eat guinea pig in Peru? and a few more questions are answered in this Peru travel video / Peruvian food video. Spoiler alert! Delicious!!

More info of our experience at Victoria Picantería Arequipa Peru 🇵🇪 : https://www.waybeyondpadthai.com/eat-...

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​Thanks for watching and being a part of this foodie journey. I appreciate you being here and support Way Beyond Pad Thai in any way ♡

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They really got a different diet over there huh! CORN BEER?!!!! :o

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