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During this quarantine days, it's important to learn how to cook food. Homemade cooking makes you sure that it's clean and you can save money while satisfying your stomach. It's just a simple type of cuisine but it can be delicious and nutritious.

Just to be sure that it's me who's cooking. Let me share you an image of me, cooking. lol 😊
I didn't go in culinary school where I learned how to cook. Actually I just learned cooking from watching my mother. When I got older and my mother turns much older. She couldn't cook anymore or we didn't let her cook because she's too old already. I'm not that expert but I often heard that they loved the food that I cooked..

Now, let's start with this no name food. Just to recognise this food, I named it vegetables with pork.
Let's prepare first the spices and the ingredients that we will use. The basic process of cooking but let me name first the ingredients that I used.

1 pc(s) of onion
1 pc(s) of garlic
2 pcs of pickles (optional)
1/4 kg of pork
1/2 kg of beans
1/4 kg of eggplant.
small amount of cooking oil
small amount of salt (3-5 spoon)
1 small glass of soy sauce (you should know if you don't need to put all the soy sauce)
fresh water (it's up to you how much you want to put)

The spices are ready and let's start heating the pot to start cooking. When the pot is already hot, put a small amount of oil. When the oil is being heated already, put the spices. Only the onion and the garlic first. We need to stew it or cook the spices from the heated oil. Make sure that the spices will become smell good and the colors turned to brownish.
When placing the spices in the heated cooking oil make sure it will be cooked by the smell of it and it's color. Now we have pork to make the taste of vegetables became delicious. Actually you can choose any of it, it depends on what kind of meat you want. You can also put canned goods into, it depends on how you want it.

We will put a little bit amount of salt and soy sauce. The soy sauce is the one we need to salten the food. We will put soy sauce because the taste of it is different from the salt. Make sure that the taste of soy sauce get through into the meat.
When the meat is cooked already. You can now add water. We wanted soup from it that's why we put fresh water. You need to put fresh water because your food will be looked like a fried food. It depends on how much amount of soup you want in the food. Then, you can put now the beans. We must put first the beans because this kind of vegetable is hard to be cooked compared to eggplant. All you can do is wait that the beana will be softer a bit. Taste it to make sure that it's softer. Don't wait that the beans will be too soft because there's an eggplant you need to place on it as well.
This was how the beans looked like when not too cooked. Now let's put the eggplant as well.
Just a reminder, this kind of cutting the eggplant seems better to cut like this. Let's continue, this time the eggplant is the one you'll watch if it's already soft. The beans is soft already so you don't need to mind it. While waiting to make the eggplant soft. Place the seasoning to make it more delicious. IMG_20200330_123250.jpg
After putting the seasoning, you just need to wait that the food is now ready to serve.

The first image was the one that the food was already cooked. Thank you for reading..

images are mine
huawei p8

d' dreamboy,

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