EMS - Tokenomics and Future Goals

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EMS Token Supply and Utility


  • EMS Token Supply - 3 billion (3,000,000,000).
  • Spend with EMS token (Coming Soon).
  • Subscriptions/Memberships with EMS token (level of Subscription/Membership depends on amount).
  • Receive Rewards/Dividends from company profits and partners based on EMS holdings/shares.
  • Use of EMS token to expand partnerships and collaborations between other Companies/Exchanges.
  • EMS token for the sponsorship of Athletes. Payments to Agents as well as Fiat/Crypto payments.

As we develop further we continue to add to our tokens use case. With plans to enter into the recycling industries and app developments our potential is endless.

EMS Future Goals

At EMS we aim to be the Number 1 supplier for all things Hemp, CBD and Cannabis products across the US and World. By expanding our network and connections daily we aim to become the Ebay/Amazon/Alibaba of the Hemp, CBD and Cannabis business.

By assisting governments with regulations, Offering our Tracking technology (iTraceIT), Implementing Insurance for farmers, Connecting Farms -> Processors -> White Label Products -> Product lines -> Consumers and helping prevent fraudulent products hitting shelves we believe we can help grow the industry from the ground up.

Supplying construction industries, paper and plastic industries and giving anyone the opportunity to build their own brand by having a supportive company assist you will benefit the industry as a whole. We believe our connections and continued development will be the key to success for our company and the industry as a whole.


EMS Marketplace
EMS Telegram
EMS Twitter

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