Synthesis about the Amazon Fires, Get Concern ! [CONTEST SBI, STEEM & 100% Upvote] Don't We all Breathe ? We Gonna Need to Plant Bamboos !!! 🌱💚 [EN - FR]

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Hello dear Steemians !

How are you doing ?

For more than three weeks and despite the announcements of a total mobilization, the fires that are setting fire to the Amazon rainforest have continued to advance ! This forest alone produces more than 20% of the world's annual oxygen, which is an irreparable loss from a climatic, ecological and social point of view for all the tribes that have always lived in these forests. The main cause put forward is clearly the massive deforestation of these forests !

In addition to this, farmers will undoubtedly try to take over new land at the end of the fires, to plant more and more oil palm trees and other genetically modified soybeans... this makes me very sad !


What can we do concretely to counterbalance the terrible effects of these fires, the loss of oxygen from trees and the additional emission of thousands of tonnes of carbon dioxide ?

The world is more and more aware of ecological disasters but too few really get moving.. or not enough ! Stop thinking about your comfort only and broaden your consciousness in the long term ! Take action against pollution on your own scale, consume less and better, plant trees and vegetables if you have some land !

Personally, I will try to plant bamboos (which produce 30% more oxygen than trees) when I return and will continue my "urban guerrilla" by planting seeds everywhere :-)

What else do you think about ? There are plenty of other solutions/opportunities !

Your best suggestions (or evidence of your investment in ecology and sustainable development) in the form of an article mentioning this article will be rewarded with 3 SBI shares and 3 STEEM :-)

Also mention the link of your article in the comments so that none are missed !

Be well, Peace and Steem On !


Bonjour chers Steemians !

Comment allez-vous ?

Depuis plus de trois semaines et malgré les annonces d'une mobilisation totale, les feux qui embrasent la forêt vierge amazonienne continuent d'avancer ! Cette forêt à elle seule produit plus de 20% de l'oxygène mondial annuel, c'est une perte irreparable au point de vue climatique, écologique et sociale pour toutes les tribus vivants depuis toujours dans ces forêts. La cause principale avancée est clairement celui de la déforestation massive de ces forêts !

En plus de cela, les paysans vont sans aucun doute tenter de s'approprier de nouvelles terres à la fin des incendies, pour planter toujours plus de palmiers à huile et autres soja génétiquement modifiés... cela me rend très triste !


Que pouvons nous faire concrètement pour contrebalancer les effets terribles de ces feux, la perte de l'oxygène émis par les arbres ainsi que l'émission supplémentaire de milliers de tonnes de dioxyde de carbone ?

Le monde est de plus en plus conscient des désastres écologiques mais trop peu se mettent réellement en mouvement ! Arrêtez de pensez à vôtre confort seulement et élargissez vôtre conscience sur le long terme ! Agissez contre la pollution à vôtre seule échelle, consommez moins et mieux, plantez des arbres et des légumes si vous avez du terrain !

Personnellement, je vais essayer de planter des bambous (qui produisent 30% d'oxygène de plus que les arbres) à mon retour et continuerai ma "guérilla urbaine" en semant des graines :-)

À quoi pensez vous d'autres ? Il y a plein d'autres solutions/possibilités !

Vos meilleures suggestions (ou preuves de vôtre investissement dans l'écologie et le développement durable) formulées sous la forme d'un article et mentionnant cet article seront récompensées par 3 parts SBI et 3 STEEM :-)

Mentionnez aussi le lien de vôtre article dans les commentaires pour qu'aucun ne sois manqué !

Portez-vous bien, Peace et Steem On !


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Bamboes seem to be a more suitable option to balance this great loss and we too are very saddened and pledge to continue our plastic bottles upcycling and one million trees project. Its a very big loss for all of us @anttn but we are confident it will raise more awareness on the need and importance of biodiversity conservation.

" it will raise more awareness on the need and importance of biodiversity conservation." I hope so and I'm quite sure of it ! Bamboos are great because as we know the grow extremely fast and generate more oxygen but there quite monocultural ! Bravo for all your projects dear, I will keep supporting you and looking forward..!

Be well dear @thegreens !

The fire in the Amazon had a terrible damage to the ecosystem of our world, since it represents the lung of the planet Earth and also the Amazon contained before the fire more than 40 thousand species of plants, more than 1 thousand three hundred birds and more than 400 mammals, which are mostly affected by this terrible fire.

It will be very difficult for the Amazon to recover from such serious damage.

It is very painful to see the images of this voracious fire.


it's indeed terrible, we all should by more AWARE !!! and surely more could be done by everyone as everyday tasks !! thanks for your feedback @thechicken !

WOW, I had no idea this was currently happening.... or are you saying that this is a perennial problem...?!

I like the bamboo idea. The only issue concern I'd have with that is that bamboo forests are fairly monocultural... nothing else really grows in and around them, not like in a massively bio-diverse rainforest like the Amazon.

Bamboo is also a great resource, tough wood, great fibre, multiple uses. Would make a great resource crop.

hey @metametheus !

yeah, that's pretty bad and not well engage ! it's also both those fires and the current ecological situation in the world !

I totally agree about the fact that it's completely monocultural ! but maybe, we could plant this amazing ressource not on the burned forest's soils but more on free land (?) seeing first the 30% oxygen produced and its amazing avantages and uses as material !

thanks a lot for your comment and for passing by !

be well dear :-))

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hey @wildhomesteading !

WOW ! that's a big one, thanks you !!!

I keep it for tomorrow morning.. and fresh mind ;-)

Be well !

"Stop thinking about your comfort only and broaden your consciousness in the long term." That, and planting bamboo. The world can never have enough bamboo!!! Hearing your Earth Warrior self and stepping up beside you.

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it totally pushes me to redouble my efforts ! even if I feel like I'm going to spend my life on it :p but it's what I'm from and I have to take care of it !

thanks you @artemislives, I hope you're well ^^

I'm starting to think the majority of Humans are just not evolved enough to understand exponential increases in positive weather feed back loops.

In other words,

We're all going to die.

I just don't see any real efforts by governments to address this crisis.

Enjoy guys like this guy below while ye may.

Jasper sep 2011 111.JPG

That's exactly what my hubby said when he read about the Amazon this morning. 'We're all gonna die'. xx

you're right on many points, but still I will keep fighting for what I love.. enjoying the best at the same time :-) Nature will make its choices !

Urban guerilla!!!! YES!!! Going out with a handful of seeds today. And planting six trees whilst sending 'prayers' or intentions to the Amazon.

NICE ! what did you plant ?

Tomorrow I start with one bamboo ;-)

Be well dear @riverflows !

Yes we all have to take responsibility for how we live and do what we can to be of service to the earth x

Indeed ! this is an urgent need !!!

thanks, but the link provided is not very detailed ..!

okay than, 🙏

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thanks you a lot ^^

Yes, that's so strange!

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