CLEANPLANET du 08/10/2019

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My english is bad enough, I use the google translator, sorry if it's not very accurate

A @cleanplanet in a park in the middle of the city, we hear more traffic noise than birds.
A small bag today but a lot of small volatile packaging, certainly the most dangerous because the wind carry them easily.
But as you all know, it's not size that matters and every action is important, even if it's only a drop in the immensity of the task.
We are counting on you to help us in this mission to make the planet cleaner.
thank you in advance and good day to you.


Un @cleanplanet dans un parc en pleine agglomération, on entend d'ailleurs plus les bruits de circulation que les oiseaux.
Un petit sac aujourd'hui mais beaucoup de petits emballages volatiles, certainement les plus dangereux car le vent les emportent facilement.
Mais comme vous le savez tous ce n'est pas la taille qui compte et chaque action est importante, même si ce n'est qu'une goutte d'eau dans l'immensité de la tâche.
Nous comptons sur vous pour nous aider dans cette mission de rendre la planète plus propre.
merci d'avance et bonne journée à vous.

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Thank you for cleaning the world


Thanks to @cryptoyzzy for burning 800 CT! You have been rewarded with a 100% vote. Your action makes this project grow and helps to restore a Clean Planet! Join us on our Discord Channel and on our website

Well done @cryptoyzzy, and thank you very much for cleaning up that garbage in your very beautiful part of our planet, it's awesome.

This post is AWESOME!

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Toujours impeccable @cryptoyzzy !